Costs + Legal Details

Costs for purchase

If you buy property in Austria you should consider the following costs:
3,5 % purchase tax
1,1 % land registry tax
3,6 % commission tax
1,5 % contract costs + VAT + extra costs

The given percentages are deducted from the purchase price of your future property. Mortgages are legal and possible in Austria!

Costs for rental

One monthly rent (i.e. monthly rent + VAT + running costs + heating per month)

Two monthly rents

Three-years-rent or more
Three monthly rents

The costs of the rental contract will be around 500,-- to 700,-- EUR.

Legal details

EU-citizens have exactly the same legal status to purchase Austrian property as Austrians themselves. EU-citizens are allowed to take any job inside Austria like American-Green-Card-holders. Every EU-citizen has the legal right for a registered title for his main residential property.

If it is not main residential property every Austrian federal state has its own laws.

For further information on our residential property law service please contact us - we will give you detailed information for free!

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